It the Reflection Series the work is about looking closely and using your imagination as you see the abstractions of the reflections. I find reflections seductive and beautiful and am compelled to study them and marvel at how the light changes and the images emerge. As always my mind began to wonder when I previewed the photographs and I asked myself, “What if I flip the building or add or delete another color, shape, or made other changes?”  My imagination manifested and I took part of an image and flipped it horizontally and changed some of the colors and shapes in Photoshop. In the images Horizon Building and Mystic Building the buildings were flipped, duplicated, and changes were made to create  totally different images. 

In CityScape a portion of the building was cropped and enlarged and the shapes were rendered in arbitrary colors.  I then began to observe details and grids in the buildings and after searching for grids I photographed Building Abstract 2. 

 Mask Reflections was a window I happened upon and for years I constructed masks, photographed masks, and wrote about the meaning of masks. I was  excited about this reflection and changed some colors and some masks to hopefully give the image mystery. I saw this image as a transition and a precursor as to how the series will emerges in future images.



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