Other than art, sailing, and travel are my passions.  Many of these images were photographed when I was at sea.  For example looking up at the sails the beauty of the light as it changes values on the sails reflects not only the physical beauty of the sun but the freedom I feel when I am at one sailing. The choice to make the sails into a triptych image was to help emanate the feeling of looking into the sails as one is carried across the water. The photographs of Windy Seas were printed on transparencies and then adhered to aluminum. I burnished, scraped, and sanded the metal to follow the shapes of the sails so the textured lines would show though the sail areas.

The other artworks were done using the same method of printing on transparent material and adhering to the burnished surface of the aluminum. Koi Dreams was constructed with an abstract drawing representing manifesting matter added to the bottom part of the image. Windy Palms was the result of being at the beach in Molokai, Hawaii and looking up at the palm trees as they moved in the wind. I took over a hundred photographs of the palm trees while swirling my camera in a circle to get the feeling of motion. Selecting three images that worked conceptually and compositionally made up the triptych that finalized the image with the hope of portraying to the viewer the same experience I had felt while looking into sun at the moving swirling palms.



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