The Pollution Series

The pollution series deal with the concept of how we are introducing into our atmosphere substances or things that are harmful to the environment and our planet. The intaglio etchings are abstract machines I created to emphasize how pollution belches its poison into our stratosphere.

I am aware of the damage that pollution is causing not only to our plants, animals, oceans, and people but to the entire planet. I feel a necessity to crusade for environmental issues and this has been a theme I have often dealt with in my artwork as well as my life.

The Intaglio Etching process

The large zinc plates were created by using intaglio etching techniques. The zinc plate is covered with a resistant blocking material and then areas are drawn into, scraped, aquatinted, etc. Each time something new is added, the zinc plate requires me to block out what has been etched and again be painted with the resistant ground on the plate. It is then put back in the into an acid bath to etch the new exposed area.

After the plate is fully developed and ready to be printed the heavy BFK Rives paper is soaked for three hours and then the printing ink is applied and lightly wiped away by my hand. The incised areas fill with ink and after the print is put though the press these incised areas print onto the paper.

The print is stretched and I inspect it and sign it, if it is registered correctly and no ink has spotted anywhere. Each image in the Pollution Series took me about 40-60 hours to develop and print.

This is a long process but one that I believe well worth the final results.







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